Koffee’s new single “W” has graced the finale of this year. Hotter than what you could imagine of course featuring a rapper from Atlanta, United States “Gunna”. This Song has a sensational touch to give you hope in our lives. Not to focus on the losses but rather the Wins for better. Imagine a strong storm to become a more blessing than more bane.  

The video is so amazing to give you a reason as to why it reached one (1) million views within one day on YouTube. By now, this video that was posted on the official Koffee YouTube channel on 26-November-2019 has received more than two (2) million views than any other track from Jamaica.

This shows how firm the 19-years old is now in the mainstreaming and a more successful future to come after receiving a Grammy nomination 2019 for her album “Rapture” in the “Best Reggae Album” category.

You can listen to the audio and watch the video of this song Here

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